May 5, 2020
Steam Locomotives



Missouri Pacific
Class C-63 2-8-0

Omnicon Scale Models



Model Overview - Omnicon Scale Models S Scale Brass Import - Like New Condition - Custom Painted

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Prototype Description
Missouri Pacific Class C-63 2-8-0 Consolidation - 173 Locomotives Built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works and the American Locomotive Company - Brooks Works Between 1905 and 1909 - Road Nos. 1 to 173 - The Class Was Extensively Modified and Modernized Over the Years - Upgrades Included Piston Rod Cylinders, Baker Triangular Valve Gear, Stokers, Power Reverse Gear, Superheaters, and Cast Steel Underframes - Some Locomotives Wer Converted to Oil Burners - Operated in Light to Medium Freight Service - Last of the Class Was Retired in the Mid-1950ís

Model Description
Production Information -
1985 Run - Samhongsa Korea
Version Description - Detailing Correct for a Late Class 63 Coal Burner - 63 In. Spoke Drivers - Cross Compound Air Pump Mounted on the Firemanís Side of Boiler - Baker Triangular Valve Gear - Alligator Crossheads - Sunbeam Headlight Mounted on Center of Boiler Front - Bell Mounted High on Boiler - Footboard Pilot - Rectangular Clear Vision Coal Tender - Arch Bar Four Wheel Tender Trucks - Tender Doghouse

Model Construction
Construction Features -
No Cab Interior or Backhead Detail - Cab Deck Plate - Driver Brake System Detail - Basic Tender Underbody Detail
Finish - Custom Painted - Semi Gloss Black - Cab Window Glazing
Lettering - White Lettering - Road No. 131
Weathering - None

Model Operation
Drive -
Stock Samhongsa Drive - Can Motor - Die Cast Gearbox
Running Characteristics - Very Good - Some Drive Train Noise
Couplers - Kadee Couplers on Pilot and Tender
Electronics - DC Analog
Lighting - 12 Volt Lighting - Headlight

Model Condition
- Like New
Run Time
- Minimal Run Time - Very Light Indication of Track Time on Drivers and Wheels - No Plating Issues - Boiler Weight Installed
Box - Original Box - Original Foam - Box Condition: B9/Excellent - Faded Box
Packaging - Original Packaging - Extra Parts Bag

A Well Detailed Model of Classic Midwestern Prototype