March 21, 2021
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P&LE USRA 70 Ton Steel Sawtooth Triple Hopper

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Pittsburgh & Lake Erie USRA 70 Ton Steel Sawtooth Triple Hopper

Model Overview
RY Models O Scale Brass Import - Catalog No. 2124636 - 2013 Run - China - Factory Painted - Multiple Road Numbers - Mint Condition
Prototype Description
70 Ton Open Top Triple Hopper Designed by the USRA Circa WWI.  The New York Central Used the USRA Design and Took Delivery of Cars Built by Standard Steel Car Company of Butler Pennsylvania Between 1922 and 1927.  Originally Built With “Clam Shell” Center Doors.  Later Rebuilt With Center Sawtooth Hopper Pockets.  Allocated to Multiple Roads Within the New York Central System - Rebuilt Sawtooth Triple Hopper Design - Vertical Steel Structural Ribs - Steel Underframe - Westinghouse AB Brake System - Vertical Brake Staff
Model Condition
Mint - No Run Time - Original Box - Original Foam - Original Packaging - Box Condition: New
Condition Notes
Model Features
Complete Underframe and Brake System Detail - Interior Hopper Detail - Cut Levers - Air Hoses
Model Finish
Factory Painted - Freight Car Red - White Lettering - White Oval NYC System Herald - Multiple Road Numbers
Model Trucks & Couplers
RY Models 70 Ton Trucks - Truck Brake Detail - Scale Profile Wheels - Kadee Couplers
Model Summary
An Excellent Model of a Common New York Central System Prototype Hopper Car - Operated Throughout the Steam and Diesel Eras - Well Researched - Quality Construction - Nicely Finished

Available Models
    PMcK&Y Road No. 67443 - McKR 11-50 - New 12-22
    PMcK&Y Road No. 67446 - McKR 11-50 - New 12-22
    PMcK&Y Road No. 67447 - McKR 11-50 - New 12-22

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