May 29, 2020


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Pennsylvania Railroad

Pennsylvania Railroad Class N5c Express Service Cabin Car

S.M. Grabowski



Pennsylvania Railroad Class N5c Express Service Cabin Car - Road No. 477618

Model Overview
Mike Hill Collection - S.M. Grabowski O Scale Handbuilt Brass Model - 1975 Run - USA - Professional Custom Paint - New Condition
Model Photographs
Available Upon Request
Prototype History
PRR Class N5c Steel Cabin Car - Assigned to Express Passenger Pool Service - Circa 10/42-12/4Early 1960’s - w/Antenna

Prototype Design

Steel Construction - Steel Underframe - Crash Posts - Westinghouse AB Brake System - Expanded Metal Roof Walks and End Platforms - Cast Steel Steps - Ajax Brake Housings Trainfone Antenna

Model Condition
New - No Run Time - Replacement Box - Replacement Packaging - Box Condition: B6 (Replacement)
Model Description
Basic Underbody and Brake Detail - Full Trainfone System w/Antenna
Model Finish
Professional Custom Paint - Freight Car Red Carbody, Ends, End Platforms, Underframe, and Trucks - Black Roof and Antenna System - Yellow Cupola - White Clarendon Lettering - Chicago - “Assigned to Passenger Service - Railway Express Agency” Small Lettering Between Portholes - Road No. 477618 - BLT 3-42 - RPKD 1-7-48 - No Window Glazing
Model Truck & Couplers
Athearn Sprung Bettendorf Trucks - Plastic Wheelsets - Less Couplers
This is a Unique PRR N5c Variant Operated in Pool Passenger Service - The Model Was Extensively Researched - Very Crisp Brass Construction

Photographs Available