September 19, 2020
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Southern Pacific

Southern Pacific Class MT-4 4-8-2 Mountain

Athearn Genesis


Southern Pacific Class MT-4 4-8-2 Mountain - Road No. 4349

Model Overview
Athearn Genesis HO Scale RTR Model - Catalog No. ATHG97005 - DC/DCC/Sound Equipped - Factory Painted - China - New Condition
Prototype Description
Twenty One Locomotives Built by Southern Pacific Sacramento Shops - Delivered 1926-1929 - Road Nos. 4346-4366 - Operated in Freight Service - Retired in the Late-1950’s - Oil Fired - Skyline Casing - Snowplow Pilot - 73 In. Spoke Drivers - Worthington BL Feedwater Heater and Cross Compound Air Pump Mounted on the Fireman’s Side of the Boiler - Delta Trailing Truck - SP Class 120-C-6 Vanderbilt Oil Tender - Six Wheel Commonwealth Tender Trucks
Model Condition
New Condition - Test Run - Original Box - Original Packaging - Box Condition: B9 (Like New)
Model Description
Injected Molded Styrene Boiler - Separately Applied Details - Die Cast Frame - Detailed Cab Interior - Deck Plate - Detailed Tender Underframe and Brake System - Opening Hatches - Kadee Compatible Couplers on Pilot and Tender
Model Finish
Factory Painted - Black Boiler - Bright Graphite Smokebox and Firebox - Postwar Lettering Scheme - Large “Southern Pacific” White Lettering - Road No. 4349 - Cab Window Glazing
Model Electronics
Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound Decoder - DC/DCC/Sound - Constant Directional Lighting
Model Mechanism
Can Motor - Excellent Runner - Minimal Drive Train Noise
Model Summary
A Nicely Detailed Model of a Classic Southern Pacific Mountain - Tsunami DCC/Sound

Photographs Available