Professional Model Review and Servicing
All models are reviewed and evaluated prior to listing them for sale.  Many of the models currently available in the secondary market require some degree of attention prior to making them available.  The work for most models can be as basic as cleaning the model, mechanism lubrication and testing, minor detail repairs, and minor paint touchups.  Others requires some additional attention.

For selected models, usually higher value O Scale and HO Scale steam and diesel locomotives, we professionally service the models to ensure their optimal appearance and operation.  These efforts may include the correction of finish blemishes, clear-coating the overall finish, aligning and tuning the existing mechanism, and minor upgrades such as the addition of directional constant LED lighting, replacement of original open frame motors with equivalent can motors, and other model specific work. 

The professional servicing tasks that may be performed include:
    -  Service locomotive mechanism
    -  Test and repair installed lights
    -  Install LED lighting if appropriate
    -  Remove MV lenses - Install custom glass headlight lense(es)
    -  Install can motor if appropriate
    -  Upgrade locomotive to tender electrical connectors with mith mini-connectors
    -  Tighten boiler weight and motor mount
    -  Repair loose and broken solder joints
    -  Clean the model superstructures and mechanism
    -  Repair paint blemishes
    -  Install glass window glazing
    -  Upgrade locomotive and tender couplers (Kadee, Protocraft, Scale Type E)
    -  Upgrade existing coal load
    -  Semi-gloss overspray entire model
    -  Test model operation

Models that have been professionally serviced include in their listings a section entitled "Model Service Notes".  This section provides a summary of the work performed on the particular model.

We do offer some models "As Is" or as projects to be completed by the customer.  These models are noted in their descriptions.

The model descriptions in our listings are based on our assessment of the characteristics of each model at the point we offer it for sale.