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C&NW Oil-Electric Box Cab Diesel

May 11, 2018

Diesel Locomotives





Chicago & Northwestern
Oil-Electric Box Cab

Scratch Built by Tom Mix

Prototype Description
C&NW Box Cab Oil-Electric Diesel
Class AGEIR 60 - 300 Horsepower
Joint Builders Consortium AGEIR - ALCO, General Electric, and Ingersoll-Rand
Built 1926 - ALCO Order No. S1532 -  ALCO Builders No. 66679
General Electric Builders No. 10023
Fan Cooled Radiators on Roof - “Squat Pot” Exhaust Stacks
Footboard Pilots
Retired and Scrapped in 1956
Erie Box Cab Diesel No. 20 Very Similar in Design

Model Overview

C&NW Oil-Electric Box Cab Diesel - Proto:48
Scratch Built by Master Craftsman Tom Mix
DCC and Sound Installed
Prewar Detailing
Modeled After Road No. 1000

Construction Features
Brass Construction
Commercial Brass Lost Wax Detail Castings
Fabricated Frame and Internal “Skeleton”
Scratch Built Trucks - Equalized - Sprung Journals - Protocraft Wheelsets
Hand Punched Rivet Detail
Roof Cooling Coils Scratch Built Using Individual Pieces - “See Through” Construction
Scale Operating Couplers on Pilots

Unpainted - Natural Brass Finish

Lettering - Graphics
Not Applicable


Canon Can Motor
Weaver Gearboxes - Custom Fabricated Gear Towers - Chain Drive

Soundtraxx DCC and Sound Decoder
Operating Headlights

Designed and Constructed Using C&NW Drawings and Prototype Photographs
C&NW Historical Society Reference Page -

Model Condition
New - Test Run - Displayed

Box and Packaging
Not Applicable - Boxed and Packaged Appropriately

Model Summary
Exceptional model of a unique prototype
The roof cooling coils display exceptional craftsmanship
One of a Kind Model

Please click here:  C&NW Oil Electric Box Cab Diesel

Listing Date
August 28, 2017