Jim Walsh Collection Overview


The Jim Walsh collection includes some of the finest HO and HOn3 Scale locomotive and rolling stock models ever produced.  Jimís authoritative knowledge of Japanese and Korean brass model production is captured in his exceptional collection, and includes models imported by Pacific Fast Mail, Key Imports, Precision Scale, Oriental Limited, Overland Models, Custom Brass, Westside Models, and other notable importers. 

In assembling his collection, Jimís interests focused on the high quality models built by Tenshodo, Fujiyama, United, Kodama, and other notable builders.  His collection includes a considerable number of Crown Series editions and rare models from the top Japanese builders.

Many of the models in Jimís collection are based on his prototype interests.  His expertise with respect to New York Central steam power is well known throughout the hobby.  Jimís detailed research and technical knowledge was instrumental in the development and production of many of the most desirable NYC models imported by Key Imports, including the NYC Hudsons, Niagaras, Mohawks, and K-Series Pacifics.  One of Keyís finest imports, the Baltimore & Ohio Class P7d Streamlined Cincinnatian 4-6-2, and its matching five car passenger set, was the result of Jim Walshís efforts.

Jimís collection was assembled over many years and is characterized by the overall exceptional quality and rarity of the models.  The majority of the models in the collection are in mint or new condition, and are defined and documented by production run and prototype version.  Jimís long-time relationships with the importers, builders, and other collectors allowed him to assemble one of the finest collections of imported brass models in the country.  His collection is uniquely defined by the extensive number of prototypically correct models constructed to the highest standards.  All of the models in the collection are of collector quality.

Additional insight into Jimís background and his in-depth review of several specific Pacific Fast Mail models can be found here: