January 25, 2018

We hope that 2018 is off to a wonderful start for everyone.  2017 was a great year for Allegheny Scale Models, and we had an extremely busy holiday season to finish out the year.  We want to thank all of our customers for their support.  One of the most enjoyable parts of our business is the opportunity we have to "talk trains" with our customers.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions we can help you with.

We are continuing to work on a number of new collections, and will be listing new models in HO, S, O, and Large Scale, as well as several narrow gauge models in Sn3 and On3.  We also have a large collection of HO Scale ready to run steam and diesel locomotives from Walthers, Athearn, Genesis, Broadway Limited, and other manufacturers. 

Last year we were fortunate to offer the scratch built Proto:48 models of Tom Mix, and we have had a great response to his craftsmanship.  This year we will be offering some of the models from the Hal Carstens collection.  Hal was the long time publisher of Railroad Model Craftsman.  He modeled his HO Scale "Susquehanna Northern" based on number of northeast prototype railroads, and also had a collection of 1/2" Scale traction equipment built by E.J. Quinby, the author of "Interurban Interlude".  Hal had a major influence on our hobby, and his personal models represent some of the history of model railroading.

We have begun to offer a number of brass "project" models that we have refurbished and upgraded.  Our first offerings have been in O Scale, and included a Baltimore & Ohio S1 2-10-2 from OMI, a Nickel Plate Road S3 Berkshire from U.S. Hobbies, a New York Central H10b from U.S. Hobbies, and a Missouri Pacific 2-8-2 converted from Sunset USRA Heavy Mikado .  We also have completed a Pennsylvania Railroad Postwar M1a 4-8-2 from Fine Art Models in 1:32 Scale.  Our objective with these models is to offer our customers a reasonably priced model that runs great and is just a little more distinctive than those generally available.  In the case of our O Scale pieces, we have added ball bearing gearboxes, balanced Pittman can motors, LED lighting, upgraded details, professional custom paint, Kadee Type E couplers, and in some cases professional weathering.  Our FAM Large Scale PRR M1a has a tuned drive, upgraded electronics, and a semi-gloss finish that brings out the detail in the model.  Some photos of two of our O Scale models are included below. 

We are planning our show schedule for 2018.  Our current show commitments are listed on our ASM homepage.  We are continuing to update the ASM website with a revised listing format.  The new listings present the information for each model a little more clearly. 

Thank you again, we look forward to working with everyone in 2018.